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Domain Registration

Let us take the hassle out of domain registrations and renewals for you. We can register and manage any domain name you want from the “traditional” .com, .net, .org, international domains such as .de, .eu or .fr or any of the thousands of new TLDs such as .online, .xyz or .ltd.

InterSys has been a fully accredited Nominet Channel Partner and IPS Tag holder since 2000 for all domains ending in .uk. We work with them directly – not through a 3rd party – so there are no intermediaries to deal with.
When registering a .uk domain with us, you are also agreeing to be bound by Nominets Terms & Conditions


Website Hosting is more than just renting some space on a third party’s computer system. You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this company’s system secure – after all it is going to route all my email in and out of the company.
  • Is it fast – a slow site gives a bad impression.
  • Is my web-site and email running in England – this is for two reasons:
    • Your transactions will be subject to English Law.
    • Should you have a problem you will be working in English Time, not 8 hours ahead or behind.
      It may be cheaper to host your website in the USA, South America or some other far-flung place – but at a cost! Your website and email are a working part of not only your existing network but also an integral part of your business – KEEP IT LOCAL!

InterSys servers host many English websites in England, subject to English Law, set to London time. They are fast and they are Secure. This all adds up to a cost-effective solution, not a cheap solution.

We use our own hardware and software – not a virtual server rented from a 3rd party or hosting space from a bulk provider that we resell – located in a secure data center facility in Newcastle which our engineers have 24/7 access to. This ensures we can offer the most responsive, flexible and high quality service to suit your needs.