The ThinServer is an all-in-one Internet solution that gives everyone in your business office the ability to access the Internet, communicate via e-mail and publish a company Web site. ThinServer Corp has combined multiple Internet technologies previously known only to large businesses with the ease-of-use and reliability small businesses need — at a price you can afford. And installation of ThinServer is a snap.
So if you feel the need to bring the power of the Internet to your business to stay competitive — you’ve found the answer.

Get the most out of the Internet

The ThinServer has all the features and capabilities your business needs to take full advantage the Internet. Whether you’re connecting to the Internet for the first time or looking for a more cost-effective way of connecting, the ThinServer will meet your needs.

  • Internet Access: give your employees access to the Internet in a controlled, safe and manageable way. The ThinServer content filter allows you to configure which Web sites can or cannot be accessed by your employees – ensuring the most in Internet productivity.
  • Integrated e-mail communication: lets your employees communicate more easily and productively with fellow employees, customers and partners around the world.
  • Intranet and Internet Web Server: allows you to develop an external Website or internal Intranet to help communication flow more freely within your company.
  • Solid network protection: rest easier knowing that the firewall capability of the ThinServer protects your network and your data from outside threats.

Extremely cost-effective

It is no longer necessary to buy a separate device or overload your Windows server for every service you need. The ThinServer is an affordable alternative, providing you all the capabilities and functionality you need to easily and securely connect your business to the Internet.


E-Mail Gateway

  • Supports unlimited e-mail accounts, so every user on the LAN can have a unique e-mail address.
  • Integrated SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 e-mail server manages Internet mail for all users on your local area network (LAN).
  • Support for any POP3/IMAP4 e-mail client running on Windows, DOS, MacOS, or UNIX including Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, and Pegasus.
  • Front-line gateway mode for Microsoft Exchange Server or other SMTP server.

E-mail options supported include:

  • Mirrored Mailbox option supports mailbox set up at the ISP for each individual ThinServer user (e.g.
  • Multi-drop Mailbox option sends and receives all users’ mail through a single company mailbox domain at the ISP (e.g.
  • Stand Alone option enables all users’ mail to be sent and delivered without any mailbox or domain hosting at the ISP.
  • Mail forwarding allows set-up of alias e-mail addresses or temporary redirection of a user’s e-mail account internally or externally.
  • Mail diagnostics and reports help you manage e-mail accounts.
  • Mail queue management allows administrator to manage mail on the ThinServer from any Web browser to view outgoing mail, mail at the ISP and user mail.
  • Versatile Anti-Spam system greatly reduces the amount of Spam to your mailbox.

Security Firewall

  • Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Allows multi-user connections to the ISP over a single dynamic IP address.
  • Eliminates need to procure a block of IP addresses to connect all users to the Internet and DNS server for name lookups.
  • Hides your internal IP addresses from the Internet, making your LAN resources invisible to the outside world.
  • Packet Filtering prevents access to The ThinServer and your LAN from unauthorized Internet applications.
  • Stateful Packet Inspection looks at all incoming Internet packets to make sure they have been requested by an authorized user on your LAN.
  • Web filtering rules allow or deny access to specified Web sites for all users on the network.
  • Custom firewall rules allow or deny specific traffic by user type or by user.
  • Multi-LAN capability allows you to have separate LAN networks sharing the ThinServer but prevent them from communicating with each other.
  • Multi-WAN capability allows you to use multiple Internet connects and load balance between them.
  • Virtual Private Networks can be created using IPSEC or PPTP to connect networks together over the Internet.

Internet Services

  • Web Server – Create and Host websites for external access as well as internal websites for an Intranet.
  • FTP Server – Allow access to a protected, shared FTP server for customers to download and upload files where sending by Email would be inadvisable or too slow.

System Management

  • Web browser-based Management Utility
  • Easy and intuitive set-up and management via your favourite Web browser from any computer on the LAN.
  • Extensive logs and statistics help you monitor the system and perform routine maintenance.
  • Remote access mode enables InterSys Micronics Technical Support to run remote diagnostics to assist you.

Network and logging

  • E-mail alerts to notify administrators of items such as firewall denials, system disk usage, system connection time, etc.
  • DHCP Server for automatic IP address management for users on the local area network.
  • Reporting Agentsmonitor system activity so you can keep the system running at optimal performance.
  • Proxy server logging capability allows you to monitor the number of HTTP hits by individual users or as a group.
  • Windows-compatiblefile sharing for public and private folders.
  • User name and passwordimport and export feature.

Service and Support

  • 90-day warranty standard
  • 3-year extended warranty available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free 90-day technical phone support