Microsoft Exchange is a great product that gives you a centralised e-mail system that allows people to share tasks, notes, calendars in a variety of ways and to access them all from Outlook, a PDA or the Web. It can handle an enormous volume of email and it is the best product in its class by far.

Unfortunatly, there are some things that it just doesn’t do very well. The suite of tools by Exclaimer provide some extra functionality to make things run a bit smoother.

Mail Utilities

  • Add branding, signatures and disclaimers to your email that is centrally managed and organised. No more adding signatures to everybodies email account in Outlook: It can be done once, company wide, in seconds – personalised for each user.
  • An extra layer of antivirus and antispam protection.
  • Block, forward or auto-respond to incoming, outgoing or internal email.
  • Create autoresponders to incoming (or internal!) e-mail that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Mail Archiver

  • Archives all incoming and outgoing e-mail to an SQL database – outside of Exchanges database.
  • No size limit to the database.
  • A web interface or Windows client to search through the entire archive.
  • Security groups can be defined to ensure people only have the ability to search through their own or specified users email.
  • Meets regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), HiPAA, NASD, etc.
  • No need to perform archiving in Outlook – it’s all in one place!

AD Pictures

Provides the ability to store thumbnail photos directly in to Windows Active Directory that can be used in conjunction with Mail Utilities to put staff photographs in their signatures.

Store Compressor

  • Compress the Exchange mailstore on the server to save hard disk space.
  • Automatically delete emails, tasks and appointments older than a specific date in every users mailbox with no user interaction needed.
  • Transparant to users.

Further information on the Exclaimer range of products can be found on the Exclaimer website.

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